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Amazing Features

The advantages of digital Agency AD Impression

Premium Response Banners:

Enhance your classic mobile banners with HTML5 technology.

Dynamic Ads:

Elevate your mobile advertising by presenting the most relevant content to your targeted audience.

Native Ads:

Achieve exceptional performance by presenting your ads within the publisher`s context.

Smart Video Formats:

Instantly deliver captivating, responsive video ad experiences across the widest reach.

Service DMP:

Service for digital agencies providing specialized on-farm categories trasing desk with own DMP.

More Features:

Extended analyst action of the target audience for the project.

What do you get?

  • Private office with unique services
  • Platform track its own media activity
  • Platform tracking of media activity of competitors
  • Integration with ad server with all latest tools: CRM, Big Data, etc

The world of impressions in one place

Over the past half century, a significant evolution of the media consumption has happened. TV replaced print media, and then TV was changed by online technologies.
In the age of fragmented perception of the user, ADImpression team is capable to implement the maximization of client's presence on the network, due to the involvement of the audience. High engagement happens not just cause of the sampling, but also of the presence of the media in all sources.

Description with video

Currently successfully implemented various formats of video ads base on HTML5, including Screen Glide, FullScreen, Native Video. The script ranges from the loop to fullscreen when you hover Extended analytics : Enables tracking of playback events. You should provide your Google Analytics ID/ /DoubleClick and script tag on your website.

It's Awesome

Why only AD Impression?

Personal account

A personal account of the client, integrated with the advertising server and having a set of modern tools: Big Data, CRM, Digital Indoor,Tv and IoT. Platform tracking media activity of competitors. All statistics in one place.

Advertising services

Uniform coverage of audience sites share. Accommodation displayed on doskroll (confidence that the user is within sight of the banner). The increase in coverage to 50% - 250% depending on the settings of the frequency display advertising format.

Innovation special projects

The use of augmented reality in our projects will increase the level of consumer interaction with the brand. The novelty, as well as the capability of providing additional product information through the use of gaming techniques, will serve as primary forces of attraction.


Examples of successful implementations

Affordable Packages

Only a small part of possible packages.

AD Suits Month


  • Solvency men 25-44
  • CTR - 0,3-0,6%
  • Unique 10 000 000
  • Impressions 47 000 000
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Personal Account

AD Coverage Month


  • Solvency All 25-44
  • CTR 0,2-0,5%
  • Unique 20 000 000
  • Impressions 130 000 000
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Personal Account

AD Women Month


  • Women 25-44
  • CTR 0,3 - 0,6%
  • Unique 15 000 000
  • Impressions 50 000 000
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Personal Account

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